Current Status:  JUly 2024

  • March 4, 2024–Developer submitted 1st Application for proposed RV storage lot on closed, unregulated landfill at 6800 Kilmer St 
  • April 8, 2024–City requested more information from the Developer
  • June 24, 2024–Developer submitted Application update; await comments from City Planning Staff       2nd Submittal ND Letter 06.21.2024
  • Under Communication documents–comments on Insurance and Fire Hazards



The mission of Friends of Ralston Creek Neighborhoods is to support environmentally responsible re-development of a closed landfill adjacent to Ralston Creek. We work towards that goal with research, by reviewing existing models of landfill reuse, and with neighbor advocacy.



To Express your concerns about RV Storage being potentially allowed to develop on a former 14 acre landfill with a large methane plume contained beneath it 30 feet from the Ralston Creek and Trail, please email city council representatives below. 
Bob Fifer, District 4;   (Councilperson for Northwest Arvada)
Lisa Feret, At-Large;
Sharon Davis, At-Large;
John Marriott, District 3;
Lauren Simpson, Mayor;
Randy Moorman, Mayor Pro Tem, District 1;

Shawna Ambrose, District 2;


Legal defense of the Ralston Creek and Trail comes at a cost. 

Please contribute whatever you can afford.




Unanswered Concerns:

  • Plan submitted for proposed RV storage lot does not have provisions for “gray and black” waste disposal.  Will some RV owners dump contents on site which could affect ground water and Ralston Creek water?
  • No on site service stations for RV owners.
  • Is there room for a Fire Truck/Engine to navigate storage lot roads in case of fire?
  • What type of lighting will be installed:  blue (cool) or yellow/red (warm)?
  • Will there be a privacy fence around entire property including area facing Ralston Creek and the GEOS community?
  • Most homeowners nationwide are aware of an increase in home insurance. Might the use of an unregulated landfill with a large methane plume be considered a hazard and affect homeowner insurance rates in close by residential areas?  Research was presented at June 3rd City Council meeting.
  • Most area RV storage lots are located in non-residential areas.  Is this proposed storage lot compatible with GEOS, Forest Springs, and West Woods residential communities as well as many trail users who view the Ralston Creek area for recreation?
  • How does proposed RV storage plan address concerns mentioned in historical and recent Geotechnical reports?        Three Geotechnical Reports


Community Involvement

Volunteers from the Forest Springs and GEOS communities handed out flyers on the the Ralston Creek Trail on Saturday, May 11.  We met many new neighbors from the West Woods communities, other Arvada neighborhoods, and from not so close towns such as Frederick.  Several individuals asked for information about the proposed RV storage lot to share with neighbors.



Map RV Project 2024.3 (1)

   Yellow     40 RV parking areas located close to Ralston Creek and Ralston Trail

    Blue          Ralston Creek

    Green       Ralston Creek Trail




Application Process — City of Arvada

03.04.2024     1st Submittal–City received application for proposed RV storage lot at 6800 Kilmer St

03.06.2004     City Planning Manager notifies client that application was accepted with following                                                     steps:

      •                          Application is place on review track requiring a Public Hearing
      •                          Planning Staff–responsible to review/approve                                                                                               (1) the site plan and (2) minor subdivision
      •                          Planning Commission & City Council–responsible to review                                                                      Comprehensive Plan Amendment

04.08.2024     1st Review Planning Staff comments to developer

04.19.2024     Estimated 2nd Submittal–client responds to staff comments from 1st Review

06.24.2024     2nd Submittal received by City Staff    2nd Submittal ND Letter 06.21.2024

TBD                 Letter notifying residents of Public Hearing before Planning Commission

07.19.2024      estimated Planning Commission Public Hearing;  date contingent on applicant’s

                         submittals meet criteria established by city Planning Staff


NOTE:   Exchange of  Client Plan submittal responses and City Staff reviews continue until requirements established by the City’s Land Development Code are satisfied 





What scene do you want to see from Ralston Creek Trail?


  Environmentally responsible redevelopment?      or        This example of Commercial redevelopment?







A  Ralston Creek at Croke #2 RCT Mitigation/Beautification Work Zone

Methane Gas Area 

C   Investigation of Exposed Landfill near forest springs landfill 64th and Indiana-post 2013 flood

                 contents of unregulated landfill seen from Creek slope breached by flooded Ralston        D  2014 Ralston Creek Bank repair

Potential lighting effect for residences inFS_GEOS

F  Possible Subsidence Example

RV Damaged by Fire–next to Storage Facility on Indiana

H  Photo of rv site on water1 (1)

I   ATS RV Park.5650 W 60th.jmap

Ridge Valley Storage.5300 Gray Ct.jmap

         K  DoDo’s RV Storage_6325 W. 56th

L  Document Library 2023:



Client Application Documents

Application Process 

Client Application-2nd Submittal of Plan  June 21, 2024

1st City Staff Review Comments-4 (1)

Croke Canal Comments 2024

Client Request Comprehensive Plan Amendment-2024

Clients Application-1st Submittal of Plan





Preapplication Process

Arvada Development Application Checklist (1)

Arvada Pre-App Summary (1)

PA2023-0055 Infrastructure Maps

Arvada RV Storage Concept Plan

Arvada RV Storage Project Overview Letter (4)



Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) Voluntary Cleanup (VCUP)


CDPHERM HAZ VCP – VCUP Application (2)




Public Comments on RV Storage at City Council Meeting on 07.15.24

Public Comments_Fire Hazards at City Council Meeting on 07.15.24

Insurance Presentation at City Council Meeting on June 3, 2024

Letter to Colorado Sun Editor– Erik Mathys June 2024

Attorney Letter March 2024     2024.03.22 – FRCN Opposition Letter (5378562) (1) (1)

Final Public comment Response 11-10-2023 (1) (2)

2022.04.06-FRCN-Attorney Letter-re-Golden-RV-Storage-Park–4.2022 (1)